Speech of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte during his Attendance to the 33rd Philippine Coastguard Auxiliary (PCGA) National Convention
Function Room 1, SMX Convention Center, Lanang, Davao City
19 May 2017

Kindly sit down. Salamat po.

Assistant Secretary [?], Department of Tourism; Mayor Inday Sara Duterte-Carpio, nasaan na po siya? Nandiyan ‘yung anak niya, dala-dala ko. Iniwan sa akin eh. Commodore Joel Garcia, Officer-in-Charge Philippine Coast Guard; Vice Admiral Valentin Prieto, the National Director of the Philippine Coast Guard Auxiliary; Commodore Beethoven N. Sur, Director Coast Guard Auxiliary, Southeastern Mindanao; my fellow workers in government; mga kasama kong Pilipino.

As is the practice in the office of any President for that matter, there is always a prepared speech and it does not go beyond in my time to two pages. And you know, if I will even in slow cadence, I will be through in a minute and a half.

Eh hindi ko gustong… Iyong gusto kong sabihin hindi ko masabi pati para akong nag-address ng Boy Scout dito. Magba-bye lang pagkatapos.

You know there are so many things that I’d like to tell you, share it with you from my heart.

I’ve been all around Asia particularly about the ASEAN countries and China. At huwag ho kayong maniwala na for example, Ramon del Rosario and itong si Justice Carpio na mahina ang dating ko, na hindi ko ginawa ‘yung arbitral award as a leverage.

Alam mo in the presence of General Esperon and General Lorenzana of the Defense, pati ‘yung National Security Adviser, minukha — kaharap man minukha ko talaga sila. Hindi ako ‘yung nagpapalaboy-laboy na this is my arbitral — what can we do about this?

Eh alam mo at the end of the day when all has been said and done, maski anong klaseng ikot mo, we return down to the basic issue of sovereignty and who owns the space.

Hindi lang nila alam at hindi ko na lang din sinabi sa inyo at ‘yung dalawa nandiyan, there are about four Cabinet meetings, sinabi ko talaga harap-harapan: ‘That is ours and we intend to drill oil there.’ Wala nang palaboy-laboy. ‘If it’s yours, well that is your view, but my view is that I can drill the oil if there is some inside the bowels of the Earth because it is ours.’

Sagot sa akin, ‘Well, we are friends. We do not want to quarrel with you. We would want to maintain the present warm relationship. But if you force the issue, we will go to war.’

Ano pa bang sabihin ko? Eh iyon na ‘yon eh. Pinagaawayan natin, ‘akin ito’. Sabi mo, ‘iyo ‘yan.’ Eh sabi ko, ‘atin ito, I’ll drill the oil.’ Sabi niya, ‘please do not do that because that is ours.’ ‘That is according to you.’ ‘But I have the arbitral.’ ‘Yes, but ours is historical and yours is legal of recent memory.’

‘Amin mga Ming, Ming dynasty pa.’ ‘But that’s too far away. It’s almost an alien to us to hear those words because we were never under Chinese jurisdiction.’

Sabi niya, ‘Well, if you force the issue, we’ll be forced to tell you the truth.’ ‘So what is the truth?’ ‘We will go to war. We will fight you.’

Tanungin ninyo si Esperon, tanungin ninyo si Lorenzana. Wala nang sabi nila na, ‘you seek…’ So we seek the help of America, a concerted effort to go to the Member States of the United Nations?

Are they willing to fight? Because if they are willing to fight, we are. But kung ako lang, why would I do that? It will result in a massacre and it will just destroy everything. Ang unang sasabog diyan ‘yung Palawan.

And I do not have the cruise missiles. I have the fast boats maybe, the frigates. But that’s about it. I do not have the… In fighting even the enemies of the state, I’ve been asking, going around and I have been scouting for precision guided missiles and rockets. Iyon lang ang hinihingi ko.

As I said I’m fighting a… We are fighting a rebellion. A rebellion is by no means is just a few especially with the advent of terrorism.

Now if you were with me during the first opening days of my administration when I was asking for a command conference. I was the first to tell them… They briefed me on the existing environment situation. But I was the first to open the topic of terrorism and I said, ‘When these idiots, these terrorists would run out of the land base and they are pushed to the, to wall, to the sea, at the back, they will start to scamper and go to countries which are sympathetic to them.’ It could be a Muslim state, it could be a Christian state.

I do not have anything against the religion. My mother was a Maranao, half; my father was a — my grandfather was a Chinese. My father was a Visaya. So I’m mixed and I don’t entertain any bigotry towards anybody, including religion.

But I’ve been warning you ever since that the greatest danger that we — after the communist, would really be drugs and the ISIS.

Were it not for this drug problem and itong mga terrorism, all of them ISIS, wala na ‘yang mga ano khalifa, khalifa nila, they are ranked into one, they are all terrorists.

And a few days I’d again called the, maybe the NPAs. I’ve been very, you know, almost… Nagpakumbaba ako sa lahat despite of the sharp and mga salita. Eh ako naman because I am a President for peace. I am not a wartime President.

My job is to bring peace to my country. When I was mayor, I’ve been telling everybody, especially when I was warning the drug guys there, dito pati ‘yung mga kidnap-for-ransom, lahat, sabi ko, ‘I do not run a police station. I build a city but if you force me, I will destroy you. I’ll kill you.’ That’s what I’ve been saying all along. Kayong mga taga-Davao, you’ve been hearing it several times.

When I became President ano ang sabi ko? ‘Please do not destroy the young people of this country. They are the only assets that we have.’ Hindi naman tayo mayaman. Tayo dito wala sa atin na milyonaryo.

And when we grow old, to whom do we look for our assistance, our health? Iyong anak natin. They will be the ones who will feed us, buy our medicines, pay for the hospitalization, look for the oxygen where they can find it.

Ako? Well, I come from a poor family but the changing for a chance of life when I became a mayor, my father was a governor here many years ago when there was only One Davao. I became the mayor of the city, the capital town, city now.

But I can afford maybe almost eight months of good hospitalization, A1 lahat. Oxygen, lahat kwarto, maybe suite. Pero in about seven to 10 months it’s gone. It will be gone. It’s kaput. Wala akong pera na ganung milyun-milyon. So sino ang magsubo sa akin ng lugaw? Mga anak ko.

And I said, ‘You do not…’ ‘I will kill you.’ And despite or in spite of those human rights, I’m still insisting that I will do it. Iyan ang…

Hirap tayo ngayon. So we have this ISIS thing. I’ve been scouting around for… I’m going to Russia on Tuesday. Same purpose. If they can spare us with the precision guided. We have so many smart bombs but not as the accurate as one. It’s guided by the laser or by the satellites. Or the dumb bombs which will just… bahala na kung sino ang tatamaan. Which we are really trying to not to use it because it could cause so many collateral damages.

Pero itong problema natin, ito. Kung sabihin nila wala akong ginawa sa China. I said you can ask the two generals. The National Security Adviser Esperon and Lorenzana.

Sinabi ko talaga ‘yan. It’s ours. I’d like you to listen for a while. And I said, Mr. Xi Jinping, I would insist that that is ours and I will drill oil there.

Harap-harapan talaga. Sinabi ni Ramon del Rosario, we will have to use diplomacy. For what? Me going around, gathering signatures. Would you think that the rest of the world and even America would die for us?

Ganito kasi ang problema ko. I’ve been trying to sort out things. Six years ago, I still remember it. Every day photographs from all sources were being published in our national broadsheets.

And there was a warning there that something was abrewing. That there were some activities there, tending to show that there is a construction because of the presence of heavy equipments.

We were aware of that. America supply part of the… our Philippine Navy over flights also gave us the—I was then mayor.

Ito sila Del Rosario and the rest of the guy, itong lahat na, magdadaldal lang, where were they? If it was really ours in the beginning, it was really ours. That’s why we went to the international arbitration court.

But just instead of filing a case, the Philippines should have called America for an urgent conference and the rest of the ASEAN countries claiming a part of that vast sea there to discuss what we will do and to cut it in the nip in the bud… na doon na mismo magpunta ng—

Okay, let’s organize a task force transnational at pumunta na doon, sabihin natin bakit kayo, why are you digging when as a matter of fact even without the arbitral ruling or anything at all, the constant law of the sea is not you cannot build a man-made structure. Irrespective of whatever laws that you’d want to invoke.

America… the only superpower who would do that to confront America… China. And maybe with the urging of the Philippine government. Bakit hindi nila ginawa noon?

And when the arbitral ruling was laid down, they were still there. O bakit hindi… tapos ngayon wala na nga sa opisina. Ito si Del Rosario, daldal nang daldal.

Bakit hindi mo ginawa ‘nong panahon mo? And in the first place, why did you allow the construction to blossom into something like a garrison now, an armed garrison?

Diyan ako na-ano. I can fight. Pag sinabi ang the majority of the Filipinos… There’s always a time to die then we die tomorrow, we go there. It would be a good idea waging a war there and dying in the process. But what for?

Because if they strike us, the sea assets, they will strike the land and you’d have blown to the several structures there where the Americans are putting their provisions. Titirahin talaga nila ‘yan. And there are some provisions everywhere.

That’s what I do not like about America. I have nothing against the American people. What I do not like is the American double standard. ‘Yan talaga ang ayaw ko kaya ako, pin***** i** ko sila.

Look at Obama. Here is a guy who I think has a raging complex mental—I do not mean it is an insult basta maybe because of his mixed—He cannot even identify himself where to go, from what was the starting point of his being is philosophy. He’s really Left.

Si Obama ang Left talaga. But then ‘yung mga ano niya, ‘yung mga [inaudible] it was all left oriented. Kaya ‘yung mga puti na hindi talaga sanay. ‘Yun nagboto sakanya. Those who voted for him were those who would benefit most.

Not really because they believe in… Left si Obama. Lahat ng mga legislations niya. And he criticized me with his State Department guys.

Ang problema diyan sa America minsan, hindi ang Presidente eh. It’s the State Department which is really multi-colored.

Saksakan ‘yan sila diyan that’s why that America will really collapse one of these days. Maybe 50, 100 years from… because of it’s multi-racial thing.  Kanya-kanyang insert ng values eh.

One time they went around offering money to stage that if you can come up with a legislation allowing same sex marriage, they will give you this particular money.

Puro k********* ang p***. Pag ka pumayag ka na magpakasal ‘yung mga tomboy. I mean, I have nothing against them.

But you know, the Civil Code states that a marriage must be celebrated between a man and woman. How do you suppose they would…

It’s the propagation of a family. How can a man-to-man relationship now increase our population if we want to? ‘Yan ang problema ng Amerika.  ‘Yun tapos kanila.

So Obama chastised me in public. When I was Mayor here, I was already the, I carried the brunt of their criticism. But because I said it is true, hinayaan ko lang.

But when I became a President and the sovereign entity was on my shoulder. Sabi ko sa kanya, kaya ko siya pi***** i**.

Sabi ko, l**** ka. Sabi ko you can go to hell. And I told Obama, you can go to hell. Bring your money with you.

Kasi, iki-criticize niya ako when I was already the President. And if you have something against me, there’s the United Nations. You can go there. Shout until hell, [inaudible] is over and seek your relief there.

Bakit niyo ginawa ‘yan? Instead of reprimanding me in public, kaya ko talaga pi***** i** binastos ko talaga. P***** i**ng itim ka, l**** ka.

Kasi binastos na niya ako. O tingnan mo ang values ng America. Here comes Trump. So I called him.

“Mr. President-elect Donald Trump, this is President Duterte.” “Yes, I was expecting your call.” I said, “Congratulations sir for your victory.” “Thank you. You know I’ve heard your ruckus with the State Department. Don’t mind this goddamn, god son of a b****. They want their play paid right in front of….”

Sabi niya, “You are doing right. I tell you, you’re doing right with your drug campaign, I’ll follow you.”

So p***** i** America na ‘to. One time insultuhin ka tapos another time. Ba’t ganon na lang ang dadaanan mo. It’s double talk. Different motives. Different entities. But it’s double talk.

And that’s why I said when I was interviewed last night over the Russian television. Sabi ko, that’s what I don’t like America, it’s double talk. So I refused to deal with them.

Tapos itong EU nagpadala ng 200 million dollars. Nakalagay doon, “We will grant you.”

Tapos sinabi nila, it’s supposed to be a consensual. Pinadala na sa amin, sabi doon, “I’m giving you to promote human rights, law and order.”

Pag tinanggap… actually, I’ll tell you the truth. It was not my idea initially. It was the decision of Carlos Dominguez III, Finance Secretary. Taga-Davao ‘yan, kababata ko ‘yan.

Ayan bright ‘yan. “Look.” Sabi niya, “Look, President, if you receive the, accept the money, they will have the right to question where the money and interfere in our…”

Kasi tumanggap ka. Under that condition, magtatanong ‘yan sila ngayon. ‘Yung human rights, g*** talaga itong mga puti. Kaya sabi ko b**** kayo. B**** man lang talaga ‘yan sila. Totoo. Ako wala akong ano.

Abogado ng Pilipinas, iharap mo sa akin itong mga ‘to. Ah wala. Paglaruan namin ‘yan, ilang beses na kami nakipag-engkwentro ng mga… mga warrantless, mga documents, mga export, wala alam ‘yan siya.

Trial? Sus. Talikuran ko ‘yan. Blindfolded. Buang buang man itong mga y*** ka. [laughter and applause] 

You know, there is such thing as a dignity of a race. Huwag mo namang sobrahan. Sabi ko doon sa ASEAN. May mga Presidente siguro na tatanggap ng… mga Harvard graduates, mga Yale, ano lang tahimik.

Dito kayo sa taga-Boulevard. P***** i** ninyo. L**** kayo. Hindi kita palusutin buang ka.

Nothing of the sort. Huwag mo kaming maliitin. Take your money. We will survive.

Pero ang China, sabi niya, if we remain friends, sabi niya, we will talk about the arbitral ruling. But it cannot be now. You know why? Hindi lang ikaw kasi ang nagke-claim eh.

Vietnam is also a virulent claimant. Gine-giyera nga sila eh. Talagang inuupakan sila ng mga Vietnam. Matapang itong mga Vietnamese. Ito ‘yung mga immigrants sa America. Pinakamatapang. Talagang kakatayin ka niyang mga ‘yan.

And sabihin niya, if you do that, lahat ng claimants magpuntahan diyan. So we have to declare war because we will be fighting in all fronts. ‘Yan ang sinabi niya.

We will talk about it. Oil? There’s a way. We can discuss it. Huwag muna ngayon kasi magugulo. But we will in… Hindi naman kami madamot eh. Sabi ko ‘yun pala. Sabi ko siguro for one barrel, half, it’s ours. We will see.

Sabi ko, but I would also want to state again. Tanungin mo ‘yang National Security Adviser. Hindi ko… Hindi na ako magpalaboy-laboy. Diretso na ako. Akala siguro nila natatakot ako.

Bakit ako matakot diyan? Sila na ang gusto makipag-kaibigan. Tapos ngayon, you know what, to date, we have about two billion dollars na pumasok na.

Ang ating banana exports is already in parity with last year’s figures. Halos tabla na. Pineapple, well there’s a slack because there was also a stoppage of the planting. Because nobody was buying.

Ang China sabi niya, sabi ko, “You know, Mr. President, we’re here. I’m not asking any favor. As a matter of fact, I’m not asking for anything. I just want to know why our products have not been accepted because of quality issues, when before we were doing our export with you bilateral and there was no question at all.”

He started. Of course I knew that it would start in geopolitical matters, about the claim ganon. And wrongly, I told them that we were following the American foreign policy.

That’s why nag-shift ako. Sabi ko, “no I will start my own.” So ngayon, next month… nag-donate sila ng dalawang bridge to traverse Pasig River. We’re going to start it this year.

Tapos, pera, some are grants. Ngayon ang… ang ano ko. Hindi naman natin kailangan ng maraming ano eh. We do not really need the bombers and mga B-52. Rebellion lang ‘to eh. A few men but they can create chaos and tumult.

Magdasal lang tayo. Huwag magdating ‘yung bomba. I-parking mo lang diyan sa tapos paputukin mo.  ‘Yan ang nangyari sa Middle East. That I’m really scared.

Kaya when I was asked sometime, how do I deal with it? I will deal with it harshly. Hindi ko talaga sila papalusutin. And if I have to… Again it leaves a bad taste in the mouth to hear it.  

Pero kung papatay ako ng isang libo tao to make the Philippines 1,000 more safe, I will do it. Basta huwag lang nila ako.
Even Mindanao, I’ve been telling everybody. Because there was a time pinapaputok nila ‘yung MSU. Ni-granada nila ‘yung library. I don’t know if it was, there was a color of religion or what. But in Zamboanga, nilagyan nila ng IED ang national high school.

Ako, nag-warning talaga ako. Please do not force my hand into it. I hate to do it. I do not want to do it. Pero pag ka, there will be loss of lives needlessly. Tapos kawalang rason-rason, just to kill, kill and kill, I will declare martial law in Mindanao.

And if I declare martial law in Mindanao, I will solve all that ails the island. Hindi lang rebellion. Pati boundary ng lupa. P**** i** ayusin ko, para isang—

And there will be no guarantee that it will not last until the end of my term. Kaya sabi ko huwag ninyo akong pipilitin. Kasi pag mag-declare ako ng martial law, pahirapan talaga ‘yan.

It’s going to be a military take over all over again. And I will not interfere, except to give the orders to the direction of whether they go south, east, west or north.

Babalik ‘yang aso, babalik ‘yang raid na walang. Bahala, sabi ko. But do not ever, ever tempt me to do it. Ayaw ko.

Pero kung ‘yung mga civilians mamamatay, nagpapaputok ka dito. Paputok ka doon. P**** i** talagang gawin ko rin. Gawin ko rin. Wala akong magawa.

For every human life that is lost needlessly, carelessly, you’ll have to pay for it. That’s the only way. Hindi mo na madala ‘yan ng kaso-kaso. Kayo alam ninyo. Even to file a smuggling case. How long it would take you to do it. Pagdating doon sa mga piskal. P**** i** mga kurakot pa.

Wala. There’s no guarantee dito ngayon sa ano. Pera-pera lang dito. Kaya ‘yang pati ‘yang korte sinabihan ko talaga. “Do not wait for the time that I will not… follow you.”

Pag ako nagsawa sa kalokohan ninyong mga judges, ‘yung pabili ninyo kungng… nagi-interfere kayo sa lahat. Dito bidding, dito bidding. Pag nanalo si A, talo si B. Tatakbo ng korte ‘yan. Kukuha ng TRO.

So may TRO, you cannot proceed with the project. Ano bang gusto nitong p**** i** ‘to. Mangingialam. Sige bigyan mo lang ako ng konti diyan. Five percent, larga na.

Ganon sa Pilipinas eh. Kaya ako, I’ve been very vocal. Sabi ko sa mga korte, p**** i** kayo mga huwes, mga judges. Huwag ninyo akong sasantuhin. Baka ‘yung ibang presidente.

Do not wait na hindi na ako maniwala sa inyo. Pag hindi ako maniwala sa inyo na, pasensya. Because you stymie progress.

And what’s the cause? Corruption. We cannot proceed with… what’s the cause? Corruption. Kaya… you’re all here. Some voted for me, some not. But ‘di ba sabi ko. There will be no corruption. And there will be no corruption.

I fired one Cabinet member while we were in a meeting. Sinabi ko. Sabi ko, you are lying [through] your teeth. P***** i** ka. Umalis ka dito sa kwarto na ‘to. You’re fired.

I even fired a guy who was with me in 1988 pa. All because the first whiff of corruption. And I said I gave myself a very small window to commit a mistake. [inaudible] ko ang anak ko. Si Inday Sara, o si Pulong o si Baste will be involved even in the slightest. I will step down as President.

But I will be very strict. There will be no corruption. The drug will still be a problem for the next three years. Criminality, which has been pulling us down and let the managers, they are doing well. Let them do their work with the least minimum.

Ako dito na lang and I will assure you that there will be no corruption. That this drug problem will be solved maybe it will stabilize two, three years from now. Hindi ito madali and that everything will be done.

Tutal sabi ko, appointed ko. Año will be the next DILG. Pinatanggal ko siya. Sinabi ko na nga eh. Low key lang tayo. I do not even allow Cabinet members to use the number 6 motor plate. Ayaw ko ‘yan nakokornihan ako. Tumitindig ang balahibo ko diyan. Nahihilasan ako sa bisaya. English I think is corny.

Pagkadating mo diyan, kakasabi ko lang. Ako nga mismo hindi lumalabas sa Maynila because I do not want to create a traffic situation. I know that before I pass that particular place, traffic is halted on every corner.

And I do not know how the exponential… kung ilan ‘yang nakakalat doon sa likuran. And how many corners are they going to cut. Kaya hindi ako lumalabas kasi ayaw ko mag-istorbo.

If at all ‘yung sikreto, ‘yung dalawa lang tapos mag-abang na lang sila doon.

So while travelling, ano lang tayo. If at all. Tag-dalawang ano lang ‘yan, tag-dalawa. Minsan pick up lang nakasunod. So as not to invite attention.

But along the way, sige magkalat lang kayo diyan. ‘Yung dito, kasasabi ko lang paglabas sampung pulis. Tapos mag-siren ka pa. Eh ‘yun ang ayaw ko sa lahat eh.

Kaya ako ‘nong mayor ako dito for 23 years. Kayong mga taga-Davao, since when na hindi ako nakita nag-siren papuntang opisina.

Since when? ‘Yung pick up ko ginagamit ko noon ‘yan. Ngayon sinasakyan ko. Pinalagyan ko ng cover sa likod. Para hindi mag-landing ‘yung granada doon. [laughter]

Linagyan ng cover. Nakita ko ‘ka ko. Gusto ko sundin lang nila ‘yung style na ordinaryo ka lang. Have you heard me say ‘Philippine officials?’ We are workers of… lahat naman tayo eh. We are just workers of government.

Do not exaggerate your head because it cannot grow more than it’s normal size. Huwag mo lagyan ng hangin iyan. But I am sorry I am not in a barong.

May barong ako dala. But I went to two sites. Nag-groundbreaking ako for 100 units ni Inday, para sa mga sibilyan niya. Kung hindi mo bigyan ‘yan, nakawin man ‘yun sa… mga Kadamay dito. [laughter]

‘Yung kanya, punta kami, inuna namin. It’s a 1,000 and ‘yung akin. Ito akin talaga ito. ‘Yung kanya, somebody, I don’t know if he wants to be mentioned.

Ang donor ba nimo, does he want to be publicly… Ramon Ang. ‘Yan ang… ‘Yan ang… Nandito ba sila? ‘Day nandito? Wala?

Tumanggap ng pera diyan. Pero nagmakaloob na sila. Nanalo ako… Okay. Ngayon, tanggapin ko na pera niyo sige. Tulungan ninyo ako ng mga bahay.

So ito namang akin sa Kadayawan. It’s just near Bangkal. Another 1,000. So 1,000, 1,000.

But me I’m building simultaneously Zamboanga, Caraga, I forgot the other place, Bulacan.

‘Yung mga Rangers… I promised them. Kawawa naman ‘yung mga nipa nila doon. Nipa hut lang noong nandoon ako. Sabi ko gawain ko kayo ng bahay.

So sinabay ko na ngayon dahil doon sa frustrations nga na naagaw ng mga Kadamay. Tumawag ako ng command conference right after the ruckus there na agawan. So mainit.

Sinabi ko nga sa mga, sa inyo, sa mga sundalo. Alam mo, minsan ang tao kasi pagka sobrang hirap na, they go out of bounds, quite desperate iyan. Maski na mag… binastos na ba. Almost to the point of being just… sabi ko, hayaan na lang ninyo.   

Sabi ko, kasi kung pupunta pa kayo doon, na magdala-dala kayo ng baril tapos mabaril ninyo, Pilipino rin. And the reason is that because we are just also poor like us. We are… Gagawa lang tayo ng roof to cover our heads. So ibigay na lang ninyo ‘yan, gawaan ko na lang kayo ng iba.

So every year ‘yan. More or less this year I’d like to… Isauli ko talaga ‘yang pera ng mga tao and build more houses. I’ll build for most… dito 1,000 ‘yan. So it can accommodate… Army Navy, Coast Guard in proportion sa tao na assigned dito. 

So kung kokonti lang kayo dito, Coast Guard mabuti kayo kesa sumakay sa barko. Wala naman kayong tutulugan. Itong foxhole lang ito eh. Tatatlong buwan na. Kaya pag-uwi dito sa siyudad mukhang–

So but we will continue with the housing. ‘Yan ang maasahan niyo. I assure you every money, every five centavos will be returned to the Filipino nation. [applause]

‘Yang martial law, martial law huwag kayong matakot diyan. Sabihin ko sa iyo, tanungin ninyo ako kung maligaya ako Presidente ako. Sabihin ko sa iyo. Hindi. Ang sagot ko, hindi ko na kailangan ‘to sa edad ko, really. I’m 72. I’m tired. I’ve been Mayor here for 23 years plus four years as Congressman, and Vice Mayor niya ‘yung nambugbog siya ng sheriff. [laughter] So hindi ko na kailangan.

Martial law? It’s not in the paper. It’s the physical being. [raises his right hand] When I took my oath of office, the long and short of my oath of office is to protect and defend the Filipino nation. Diyan lang umiikot. [applause]

Tingnan ko na it’s time, it’s time. But do not be ‘yung to extend myself in office, susmaryosep. Inyo na. Iwanan ko kayo ng anim na buwan. Maghati-hati kayo kung sino gustong maging Presidente ng ilang buwan. I am not that… Ganito lang pagkatao ko.

It’s not in my character na… Tapos na ako eh sa ganon. [claps] You know my father was Governor, so I’m kind of attuned to this adulation of the public. Pami-pamilya. 

For the many years ako Mayor, the clapping and the adulation for me is over. It does not appeal to me at all.

Ako, kagaya ako sa inyo. Trabaho lang tayo. And if I don’t do it right, you shoot me. Sayang ‘yung baril ninyo dala-dala ninyo hindi ninyo magamit para patayin ‘yung mga t*****do.

Use it to enhance the nation. Ganon lang ‘yan. But count me as one of you who would want to serve the country well, well and good.

Marami pong salamat. 

— END —