Speech of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte during his Visit to the 401st Brigade 4th Infantry Division (4ID) Advance Command Post
Brgy. Bancasi, Butuan City
17 June 2017

Mga kasama ko ngayon si Secretary Lorenzana, Undersecretary Tabaquero, General Año, Lieutenant General Miranda, Major General Madrigal Jr., Brigadier General Zaragoza. 

Was it the other night or four nights ago? I signed the… I was smiling to myself alone. Kasi si Zaragoza was also assigned in Davao. And always, for those guys who pass by my place eh may rapport talaga ako sa kanila. [applause] 

Colonel Gacal, Colonel Inacay, the officers and troops of the 401st Infantry Brigade, 402nd, and the Tactical Group.

‘Yung… meron akong speech na prepared. I do not usually read speeches prepared by Malacañan. But maganda kasi ang pagkasabi so I’ve decided just to read it and maybe add something to it, if there’s anything. 

Securing our nation’s peace and security, especially in these trying times, is indeed a formidable task.

I thank our uniformed men and women across our regions for helping the government accomplish the crucial mission of protecting our people and territory.

I personally came here to show support and express my most sincere gratitude for the heroism of our soldiers. I recognize the efforts of our troops here at Camp Bancasi in combatting insurgents in your area of operations.

Your work has been made even harder due to the presence of some forces of the New People’s Army (NPA) in Agusan del Norte, Agusan del Sur and Misamis Oriental.

I thank you for your contribution to the strong resolve to end the scourge of illegal drugs in our society. [This] problem has long been hindering our progress as a nation. If we succeed over it, we shall have a healthier and more productive citizens who can work with government in sustaining our strides towards development.

I also count on you to engage the community and civilian authorities in the fight against illegal drugs and terrorism.

More than just being defenders of our land, the military also serves as an inspiration for our countrymen to actively participate in nation-building.

By raising awareness among our people about their roles in the society, they shall be able to help achieve our aspirations of real and lasting change.

I call on you to continue performing your duty to our country, especially as martial law remains in effect in Mindanao.

Remember the valor and patriotism of your fellow soldiers who offered their lives for the country.

Remain steadfast in upholding national peace and security and continue the fight for the Philippines.

Good day. 

[Could the officers — CO, give the tikas pahinga?] 

May gusto akong idagdag. 

It was not a question of failure on the part of government. Kasi naman tayo, we have adapted a very soft policy towards sa mga rebels. And this came about because nagdadala sila ng baril eh. And since we are thinking of getting peace with the MNLF and MI, ang laro ng armas diyan, we took it for granted. We took it really for granted na. Pero alam natin na mabibigat. 

Pero hinayaan kasi natin because we never knew at that time kung sino talaga ang kalaban. ‘Yun bang mga pulitikong nag-aaway, nagri-rido sila, o ‘yung mga itong private army ba ito ng politicians?

Ngayon, kalabas-labasan, itong Maute were bringing the firearms surreptitiously at hindi natin nakuha na gaano na karami ang ammo pati baril sa loob. 

And besides, it was not a failure of intelligence. Kasi kung makita pa silang may armas, tapos sabihin nila, MI, MN, ang standing order naman is… baka, baka sakali mapakiusapan pa natin ang mga kapatid natin. Walang gulo.

But all the while, itong Maute, with the connivance of the politicians there, ‘yung mga warlords, were stockpiling. Kaya ni hindi maubos ‘yung M-203 na bala at napakarami.

Magputok ang isa ng gobyerno, dadagdagan na — ibabalik sa atin, lima. So parang endless supply when Maute rose to fight against government. 

Naghihintay lang sila noon ng ‘bikil’ tawag nila, ‘yung rason at mag-serve ng warrant of arrest which is an everyday occurrence anywhere in the Philippines. Lumaban. Ayun, nagkabakbakan. At ‘yung forces ng mga Indonesia nasa bukid-bukid, nagbabaan. 

So you have a conglomeration there of ISIS fighters from Syria, Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lankan, at ‘yung mga Arabo na — maputi. Maputi ‘yung Arabo eh. Na… Kuwait. 

So the fighting is going on. Of course, it’s winding up, but at the cost of so many soldiers also. And that is the danger ng Maute at ISIS. Bantay kayo diyan. 

Mahirap kalabanin ‘yung taong gustong mamatay. And you might be aware of the intelligence, which is really true. There’s a publication there t kill all non-believers. Hindi ‘yung ano… Kasi marami tayo ditong Mindanaoan. But ‘yung mga unbelievers. Ibig sabihin, those who do not practice the religion of Islam.

They have so corrupted the name of God in the form of religion to kill many innocent persons and to destroy for nothing. Wala talagang isang namatay na Islam o Kristyanismo na bumalik dito na totoo ‘yang Diyos na ‘yan. 

‘Yan ang mahirap. Ngayon, kung ‘yan ang kalaban natin, matindi ‘yan. And anywhere in the Philippines, ‘pag naamoy ng intelligence na meron diyan, we should start to buildup and tapusin natin in the nip of the bud.

Kakaunti pa lang. Huwag na nating hintayin. And we have so many jets to do that. We have to use the air assets now because we are up against fighters. Mga galing ‘yan diyan sa Middle East and they have learned the art of brutal killing. Susunugin ka, putulan ka ng ulo, kung ano-ano para— 

‘Pag binayaan natin ‘yan ng ganon, patay ang Pilipino. We welcome Islam. My lola was a Maranao, she was Islam. Ang tatay ko, ang tatay niya ng nanay ko, Chinese pero pa-Islam Islam. But ang Islam doon ‘yun talagang lola ko. And ‘yun sila, they were practicing Islam as a religion.

Itong Islam na imported ng ideology galing sa Middle East, anak ka ng — talagang huwag tayong magpauna tayo. Magkakaproblema talaga tayo. The magnitude of Marawi? Mauna na lang tayo. And let us just resolve any problem or problems afterwards, we can discuss it. How to improve and how to lessen the falls that is needed.

Ni hindi tayo magdadalawang-isip nito kasi mahirap. Ngayon, alam ko  na you bear the brunt of fighting the war. You are the Armed Forces of the Philippines.

Ang masabi ko lang sa inyo, you have a — kasama ninyo ako sa lahat ng bagay. In all of your — mga kailangan ninyo, may priority kayo sa gobyerno ngayon. Lahat ng kailangan ninyo, kung maibigay ko, ibibigay ko. 

At tsaka hindi na ako magbili ngayon ng air assets sa ano na second hand. Either I buy it on long-term grant, whatever. Basta hindi na ako magbili. Tsaka ‘yung mga baril natin must be war-grade materials. 

At ewan ko kung maniwala kayo sa akin, hindi naman ninyo ako masyado kilala.

Hindi ko kayo pababayaan. Sabi ko nga noon sa inyo, I will try to see that mga anak ninyo — hindi niyo sabihin na namatay kayo o buhay — buhay o patay, there will be money to support all your children to school. 

Ngayon, ang sinabi ko, I am looking for that billion, mayroon na akong na target na P20 billion. Pag-alis ko sa pagka-Presidente sa gobyerno na ‘to, if I can have P50 billion trust fund — bangko ang magpatakbo, Central Bank, no other. Kasi ‘yung iba nawawala ‘yung pera. Fifty billion, i-money market nila ‘yan, that would suffice for all your children. ‘Yung interes lang niyan P50 billion.

Huwag lang galawin, huwag lang bastusin. Huwag lang anuhin ng iba. That would be enough to sustain the education of your children. Whether you are dead or you are alive — if you are alive, ‘di mas mabuti, makita mo pa ang anak mo makatapos.

You know, because at age 56, mag-retire kayo. kinompute (compute) kasi ng actuarian, ‘yung mga anak ninyo by that time is nasa college pa. Kung mag-asawa ka on the average of 28, 29, 30, 31, by the time mag-abot kayo ng 56, ang anak ninyo nasa college pa. 

So kailangan talaga na ang bata does not have to wait for the retirement of the father or death benefits or whatever. I will see to it na doon na kunin lahat ng ano ‘yung ano.

Depende lang din sa grado, ha? Kay may mga anak man rin tayo — ako, may anak akong — ‘yung dalawang lalaki ko ayaw talaga mag-aral.

So, hindi natin sayangin. For those children of yours — ours — who want to be educated, wala kayong problema. I promise you, I will have that P50 billion before I step down as the President of this Republic. [applause]

Tsaka lahat ng hospital ninyo ngayon, may MRI na. Kinumpleto ko na. Generator ninyo, more than sufficient to light the hospital in Cagayan, in Jolo, lahat. 

So wala kayong kwan, binibigay ko sa inyo lahat talaga. Pati ‘yung modern machines. ‘Yung Barrett, ay baric kasi — hyperbaric — kasi ‘yan ang advice ko, gamitin ninyo ‘yung eroplano ko — ‘yung Presidential plane to ferry the wounded.

Kasi kung medyo magkaroon ng signs of gangrene, kung madala lang kayo doon within the next mga six hours, okay pa ‘yan ipasok ka doon. ‘Yung ano ‘yun champion ng mga — [Benz?] Ganyan pero puro medical. nagbili ako niyan.

So kung ‘yung kayo may ganon, infection has set in, tapos hindi ma-control ng antibiotic, you go there and you’ll have yourself treated. Maganda ‘yan. Alam ko ‘yan kasi ako kandidato ako noon niyan.

So ‘yan ang mapangako ko sa iyo. Wala kayong mareklamo na kulang. Ke ma baril, ke ma bala, hindi kagaya noon. Wala kayong mahingi na inferior quality. Always.

Sabi ko kay Secretary Lorenzana, only the best. Sabi ko sa COA, huwag silang makialam diyan sa lowest bid – lowest bid. Kalokohan ‘yan.

The lowest bid actually is the source of all corruption. Pababaan nang pababaan. Kung sino ‘yung may sabi, “Sir, hati tayo sa kita,” eh mananalo siya. So ang kikitain niya, ‘yun ang ibigay pa niya.

‘Yang mga bid – bid na ‘yan na, kalokohan na. Ang tagal natanggal diyan sa gobyerno. Ako, hindi ako maniwala diyan. Sabi ko, gusto ko war-grade materials. 

Wala akong bidding – bidding basta kailangan ng military, Armed Forces, pulis. Kasi importante ‘yan na makipag-away kayo sa kalaban, kuntento kayo. Baka sakali, at least ang gobyerno, papasok.

And I’ll make sure that your son will be a good soldier someday. Maging general din. Kagaya ito sila — mga kakilala ko, Delfin Lorenzana — matagal na akong mayor sa Davao, dinala niya ‘yung scout ranger — second regiment? [Lorenzana answers: ‘Sir, scout ranger battalion]. Batallion. Doon kami nagkakilala kaya siya ‘yung kinuha kong Defense Secretary and no other. 

Pero wala akong masabi sa mga opisyal ninyo. Talagang kung magsalita kami sa mga problema, galing talaga sa puso. “Sir, ganito.” Sige. Maski anong hingin, sige go. Basta para sa inyo.

Ang ano ko lang is just be a clever soldier. Gamitin mo lang lahat ng instincts mo to survive so that you will have a time to see maybe your grandchildren.

But not all of us will be lucky. Maski ako. Eh kung lahat naman tayo namamatay eh. Well, that is the problem. But it is up to God to make that call, not tayo. Kapag ano na, panahon na, then let’s attribute it to God. He writes our destiny. Kung hanggang diyan lang tayo, hanggang lang tayo. Including all of us in this hall. As long as you are a human being.

So I am filled with nice feeling. I love you all at mahal ko kayong lahat. Nasasaktan ako pagka may nadisgrasya. But ang consuelo ninyo, hindi kayo madehado sa armas at sa lahat. Lalo na sa pangangailangan ninyo.

At alam ko, alam ko ang nasa ulo ninyo, always ang pamilya ninyo. Kaya diyan ko umpisahan ‘yung mga programa ko para sa mga pamilya ninyo. Kung magka-pera nga, kung meron pa — wala ‘yung DTI dito — ‘yung small-scale industries, mga small business, gusto ko sumali lahat ng mga asawa ng sundalo diyan. Bigyan ka ng pera but you have to attend a seminar para kung paano dalhin ‘yung pera, paano pagnegosyo. 

Because you are always there out in the fields, ang isip ko rin nasa inyo lang palagi, kung paano ko mapaganda at maprotektahan kayo.

I talk from the heart. Hindi ako bolador. Bastos tuloy ang bunganga ko. Pero when I say that, it is all with sincerity.

Maraming salamat po. [applause]