Speech of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte during the Cine Lokal Grand Launch
Cinema 1, SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City
19 April 2017
Thank you. Kindly sit down.Every time I am invited to talk as a guest for — as a resource person, there’s always a prepared speech made by the Presidential Management Staff.

And it is good English, grammatically superior but it does not come from my heart. That is why I am always in quandary whether to follow… You know, I can finish this in a minute and a half. So I have to say goodbye because I have to go to.

So ganito na lang. Kilala naman ninyo lahat ng nandito. Let me just talk about our country, the Philippines.

I just came from Bohol because there’s an ASEAN meet there and you know, there was also a terrorism that was encountered by the security forces. And we are in a bind because the local criminals are in cahoots or has have — has had connections with the Abu Sayyaf in Jolo and Zamboanga.

At angf nangyayari dito is they kidnapped itong mga small time lang dito, those who do not want really to be carrying the kidnapped victims so they sell them to another group which is bigger and eventually selling it to the group in Mindanao and then you have a problem.

That is why it was very lucky indeed that the ISIS was or the group of ISIS who were there, particularly led by Rami, ‘yung spokesman ng Abu Sayyaf na — ‘yung maingay na mayabang. Eh kasali siya doon. The soldier who killed him also was killed in the process. It was a duel shootout.

So that when I came back from the Middle East, that was the other day, I arrived at 3 o’clock in the morning. Nag-kape na lang ako then I went to see the — pumunta ako sa wake sa sundalo and it was really very poignant because I — for the first time, I laid a Gold Cross.

Hindi lahat ng sundalo makakuha ng ganon. It was a Gold Cross that was awarded to him. And there’s always a time when I visit itong mga patay na ano… I usually make a salute to honor the guy who had served the country. Ang problema natin dito ngayon is coming from the heart actually.

My grandmother, hindi kasi alam ng lahat, she’s a Moro, she’s a Maranao. My grandfather was a Chinese but ang papa ko from Cebu City, Danao. So I’m talking to you now about our country and what ails this country. Marami po. But let us begin with the — ‘yung rebellion, medyo itabi ko na lang muna.

There are so many things, which you can really do or go into to improve our country. Alam mo, motion picture mirrors life or life mirrors the movies. Ganoon ‘yan. So it behooves upon you really to do the social aspect of what’s happening to our country.

Ako po’y tumakbo ng Presidente I made no great promises. I said that I would want to stop corruption and I am doing it almost everyday. I have fired so many government officials, about 96 of them but hindi ko na lang inano, I did not make it public because you know, when I read the dossier, some of them their sons and daughters were all doctors and lawyers and, you know, I would not want to add to the embarrassment of just taken away from your office, ousted, and suffer ‘yung publicity of corruption. But corruption is out.

Kaya kayong mga Pilipino, kayong talagang Pilipino na gusto ninyong tumulong sa bayan ninyo, now is the time to do it, really. Kasi ako, I’ve been, well, reforming the…

I am just about 10 months plus. I need time. I need time to remove corruption. Karamihan diyan sa gobyerno, ‘yung — their salaries are just the sort of stipend, just a side income but corruption is the main source of income. So I had to lecture to everybody that, you know, during this time, maybe for five years and a few months, sa una ko, you have to change your lifestyle.

Maybe before you could have a take of a thousand and everyday and you can buy a new car, a new house almost everyday, every week. But this time, we’ll just have to suffer because…

I am not a great man. I do not have the credentials. I am not even an honor student. I have always been in the vicinity of 75, 78 since Kindergarten. Hanggang diyan lang po ako so wala akong pinagyayabang except that I was a prosecutor for nine years, a trial fiscal. Then I became a vice mayor then rambled on to become the mayor and I became the mayor for the last 23 years sa Davao City.

Hindi ako nakatikim ng talo and maybe because I was really… It’s not that I am the cleanest or a clean guy. I have so many faults plenty but corruption is not one of them.

Siguro babae o ano pero ‘yung — when you are young but I’m really old now so it’s almost passé to be talking about it. Well, ang akin lang is corruption must go, and we are good at collecting taxes now.

Ayaw ko sanang i-ano dito, bitawan. But look at the oligarchs of the Philippines kaya ako galit talaga. I do not mean to… Wala namang mawawala sa akin. I won the presidency by, well, 15,000, six of which million was my majority over my last opponent. So wala na ako.. I have no… I am not angry at anybody, I just want to work, I do not need the adulation.

Sabi nga ni ma’am, sabi niya you were right, I declined ‘yung bigyan nila ako ng honoris causa. I don’t need it. It has always been my policy both as personal and official that I do not accept awards or honor. That has always been my policy.

So in terms of my work, I have always said that I am paid to do it. So why should I receive it? Why should you give me so many awards? Bayad na ako eh. So wala ng ano. Akin lang is ‘yung tamang trabaho lang po sana at maibigay talaga sa Pilipino ‘yung pera nila.

But I have a problem with this… Ayaw kong gustong ma-insulto. Pero ‘yung Mile Long, ang tawag nila diyan sa Makati, it was owned by the government and it is now in the name of Sunvar. And they owe government something like 1.6 billion. That was a case that was filed several years ago.

Until now, it’s still in the Supreme Court back to litigation. Because at that time, Kim Henares, the BIR whom I… Hindi ko talaga alam kay kaibigan ko, ang laki ng respeto ko kay Henares. I even helped her in the campaign sa tax collection sa Davao. Only to realize that talagang ang problem sa Pilipinas, it is the oligarchy.

So I can force people to pay taxes. For the Chinese businessmen to be arrested and make the demands. Pero itong mga mayayaman, not because they have been attacking me. Eh matagal na ako sa pulitika, that’s nothing to me. That’s my daily bread ‘yung mga ganon. But how in the hell can they manage to, you know, skirt and just ignore the law.

From one billion plus, naging 800 million lang, and ang gumawa si Kim Henares. So it was… There was a case and the case is now for the longest time nasa Supreme Court. And I really do not know what’s keeping the Supreme Court from deciding a simple case of back taxes.

And the land, iyong tawag niyan, the Mile, ‘yung may kanal diyan sa Makati, it’s owned by the government. But it was paid for a — for a song. At nobody has questioned it, nobody will. Eh sabi ko hindi naman ako gumaganti pero kaibigan man kita o hindi, magbayad ka talaga. Sa Davao ganon, bayad ka. Wala akong pakialam kung magkaibigan tayo o hindi. Just pay your taxes. Pay the right amount and we’ll have no problem. Ganon ako and…

Alam mo kung sinong may-ari niyan? Dunkin’ Donut owes the government one billion six hundred, itong Inquirer. When they editorialize you moaning about corruption and morality.

When as a matter of fact, sila ang may utang, hindi binabayaran hanggang ngayon and continue to occupy a land which is government and which was not even sold to them validly. And yet they collect the taxes for all of those business establishments there — na ano naman itong Pilipinas.

Ako hindi ako galit. Wala sa akin ‘yan. I can be friends with them and say that, well, I’ll just ignore it. Pero… ABS-CBN. Anak ka ng… [applause] With Inquirer keep on trashing the garbage that I have 200 million. At that time I was just a candidate, I challenged them. You are in power. Prove it. Open the books of all my accounts. I do not have that money. And if it is true that I have that money, I will withdraw from the candidacy of being president.

Ngayon na Presidente na ako, sabi ko, I am now the President. I am ordering everybody, every bank to open your ledgers and show it to the public. Kasi kung may pera akong ganon maski kalahati lang, I will gladly step down tomorrow. That is my guarantee.

And if you hear about my daughter, my sons into corruption especially with government transactions, just let it — let it out and I will also… I am ready to resign from the presidency.

I gave myself a very small window of committing errors. But I am also exacting sa mga taong may utang talaga lalo na ‘yang may power. It’s what ails the Philippines. Kasi ano tayo ‘yung — not only forgiving but easily ‘yung usapan na lang natin ito, sorry ha, ‘yung ganon.

Iyong abuso ng pari. Iyong kami sa Ateneo, ako, si Dominguez, lahat magka-classmate kami niyan. Every time… You know, some of the guys are from — graduated from Ateneo. ‘Di ba every Friday may mass tayo? There’s always a mass and then we go to confession, then we take communion. That is the regimen sa Ateneo. Well, ‘yung Father Falvey and you can open your — ‘yung sa… It’s not in the Facebook but Internet siguro talaga. You’ll find his name there. He was the priest who was accused by 25 people from the Los Angeles area and the Society of Jesus had to pay 25 billion dollars. Madami, you look at his assignments. Last assignment would say there Ateneo, Mindanao.

He was there for… Iyong generations ko na tatlo pati ‘yung the generations ko sa baba, may tama talaga kami. And yet all the time, this social evil was just swept under the rug. And nobody wanted to talk about it pati kami takutin kasi akala namin [garbled] What’s your sin? Mortal lang pati venial eh. We didn’t even know how to classify it. So ‘yung ganon.

Kailangan ilabas natin ang totoo. And not because I am a grandson of Maranao woman, but you know, when Magellan landed in the Philippines and stayed here for 400 hundred years and lived off with the fat of the land, sila, they brought along government imperialism and their religion.

Ang problema sa kanila because when they sighted Mindanao, they also wanted to conquer the island. But you know, 100 years or at least I was reading the archives sa Malaysia. At least 80 years before Magellan in 1521 landed, somewhere in Leyte, Islam was already thriving in Mindanao. Kaya hindi mo makuha-kuha kasi may poste. And what is that poste? Islam. Mayroon silang rallying point. But during the Americans, because they had the gun powder, they had the rifles, the 45s, so massacre dito doon kung saan na lang. Ang problema diyan sa Amerikano is we didn’t have the cellphones and the — mga camera noon.

Sila mismo, sila ang kumukuha. Tapos alam mo, it’s in the history, it’s in the archives. Some enterprising Filipinos got hold of it and you could see the pictures of the massacres there committed and with the American soldier his foot on top of the breast of a woman over the piled body. How can you reach a —?

Mindanao and maybe Visayas and Luzon was part of the Srivijayas empire. It was already Islam. Tapos the Americans tried to force the issue that’s why they were able to control Mindanao because of the sheer force of arms. But they could not get workers, the Muslim working there. Anong gusto nila? Logging, mining? So, they came up with this sloganeering, “Go to Mindanao because it is the land of promise.”

My father was a laywer and single, he went to Mindanao to try Islam. And, well of course, he met my mother and I remember in 1948 we were brought there to Davao City, it was almost… It was a hard life. And to think that at that time Mindanao was already divided into so many cadastral lands. And they introduced the Torrens title forgetting the originals there ‘yung mga Moro people.

The Moro people walang Kristiyanos doon. If you are a Christian, you must have been there when you were young or you are a descendant of the original frontier men. Iyong pumasok na doon. Most of them Ilokanos because they love to till lands and others.

So in a way also without really demeaning the efforts of the Moro, what is in Mindanao is really the sweat and toil of Christians. Ito ang problema ngayon. I’ve been able to convince the Communist to talk. So there was a ruckus konti-konti but we’re able to fix it and they are already talking again.

Na-ano lang ako doon sa ‘yung early premature patayan ng sundalo ko pati pulis. But, you know, you have to look at the bigger picture. I have succeeded in talking to the MILF kasi kaibigan kami at marami akong mga pinsan doon, connect, connect na lang.

And Misuari is also willing to listen to me. He is just crafting a sort of a BBL parang counterpart sa MNLF. Sana kung… What would have been a great time for us. No more wars with the NPAs, no more killing or at least there’s a lessening now of really the violence. Wala na sanang rebellion sa mga…

Itong rebellion ng MI pati MN, is driven by nationalism. Lupa nila eh. So we just cannot say that we can kill, kill, kill, kill tapos tapos na. Because after if we go down to history, of course, it’s Adam and Eve. If you believe in Adam and Eve because the planet Earth is 5 billion years old. So when was the right time for God to come down from heaven to say these things? Eh kung nakita mo ‘yung carving ng mga tao doon sa caves, they were really like apes.

So, ano ang itsura ni Adam pati ni Eve? And these are the things that… Iyong mga myth natin. We have to correct it. We have to correct history. And I hate history.

Ang geography natin the first five pages talk about the discovery of the Philippines and it’s placed there, “Who discovered the Philippines?” “Magellan”. Son of a b****, where did he come from? We were already good as a nation, the Malay race.

Then they came to conquer us, stayed there for 500 years. Then by the Treaty of Paris because there was a war between the Americans and the Spaniards, Marianas Island, Guam, Philippines, kaya pare-pareho ‘yung mga pangalan natin, we ceded to the Americans and they stayed there for 50 years.

So sabihin mo, the reckless exploitation of resources. Tayo? No. Iyong Amerikano. The oldest mining company sa kanila. And even in Davao there’s still one.

And itong mga bago ngayon mga oligarchs, they just wait who wins the election. And because there’s a law that says the mining act, they apply for. But iniligay ko naman si Gina, she is very strict. Si Gina naman told me frankly, ‘I want the Philippines to be mine-free.’ Sabi ko how can we do that? We have to amend the law. There’s a mining law which allows mining. And besides we get on the average 70 billion a year ‘yan for these mining companies.

But I agree with Gina, that kung maaari lang… Hindi lang kasi nakita ninyo. You might want to go to Davao one of these days. I have a friend Archie Po, he is in the business of leasing airplanes, I can borrow one and you travel from Davao to Agusan to Surigao maawa ka sa bayan mo, maawa ka sa bayan mo.

Parang tansan, alam mo ang tansan ng Coca-Cola na may cork. Ganun ‘yan sa bukid. And even itong mga ordinaryong Pilipino are — and it’s not a tunnel thing, it’s open pit. Kaya when it rains, popondo ‘yang tubig and over time it loosens the bowels of the Earth. And then you have landslide and everything.

There has so many injustices committed in thy name of… And these are the guys who are really just there waiting for a job.

I ordered the arrest of Jack Lam because he was given a sort of — to license there sa Clark sa gambling by President Aquino, Corazon. And he was one percent lang ang babayaran niya, one percent of the gross. And ito si Jack Lam was talking aabot kasi sa akin ‘yan eh. The Intelligence would — mahagilap talaga niya ‘yan. In Clark he was talking as if everybody was in his pocket. So I was reading the briefer one night, sabi ko p***** i** ka. Tinawagan ko ‘yung aide ko, sabihin mo sa NBI, “arestuhin mo ‘yang g**** ‘yan.” So there is no crime. Eh nobody, kill him so that there will be a crime to solve. “Arestuhin mo.” Mabuti’t na lang nakasibat. Eh itong si Mighty cigarette, he’s a good guy. He is very magaan. And one time itong sin taxes… Tingnan mo talaga how they operate itong mga oligarchs.

Sin taxes, there was an increase, you know, sigarilyo… Anyway to discourage but it failed. Anyhow you have to pay. So ‘yung chairman ng Ways and Means was Ungab, the former congressman of the third district of Davao. Itong si…Anong pangalan nung y*** na ‘yon, ‘yung Instik? Ako Lam rin ha, ‘yung lolo ko Lam baka… Kaya ko ipinaaresto ‘yang si Lam baka sabihin ng mga tao kasi Lam ‘yan.

Nag-usap kami buti na lang because the Class ’67 ng PMA inadopt ako as mistah. Iyan ang sakit nila. So siya mistah rin. So we were like classmates. We talk as if we were classmates in the PMA, ni hindi ko nga natapos ang ROTC ko. But anyway itong sa akin nag-usap kami. And he wanted me to talk to Ungab. Sabi ko, “No. I am not up to it.” We’re friends but please not — huwag sa akin. I am simply not up to it.

But when he left, may iniwan siya, but because there were also many Filipinos there in the restaurant so I was busy answering question. Umalis siya iniwan niya ‘yung carton. Pagtindog, pagbalik ko, sabi nitong aide ko si Bong Go, may iniwan si ano. Sabi ko, “p***** i**. Tingan mo Bong, ano ‘to pera?”

Sabi ko, “Bong, isauli mo”. Because it is — there’s a camera there and you can check it. Sabi ko, “isauli mo sa p***** i*** ‘yan. Pag hindi, ibuhos ko ‘yan sa mukha niya.” It can be… Kasi makikita mo ‘yan sa camera sa airport eh and it’s always recorded. Sabihin mo lang, hindi ako tumatanggap ng… This is how they operate and as of last count 20 billion na ‘yung utang niya. Fake taxes pa.

No, it’s not a question of, you know, it’s not a question of evasion of taxes, it’s falsification, ‘yung stamp na fake. Every time you fake it, that’s one crime. How many packs of cigarettes he has sold since then? How many is consumed by people smoking?

Noong Pasko nagpadala siya ng baril. Hindi ako mahilig niyan. Ito ang problema. Ito… ABS-CBN. Ako, si Cayetano, kay isang grupo kami. There was really no money until the last minute because I never went up sa ratings, 3, 4, 3, 4. And nobody gave me a chance to win—

So, I won. I won of about six million ang majority ko. So ngayon… You should know me, huwag ka talagang pumunta sa akin ng pera at saka kung ikaw may application ka sa gobyerno, may sulat na rekomendado ng pulitiko, consider it declined.

Wala akong utang na loob eh. Ang congressman ko lang si Imee kasi matagal ko ng kilala, matagal na kaming… Imee has been governor for so long a time. Si Imee supported me, si Abet Garcia and a lady from Mindanao. And because of love ‘yun lang ang… Totoo. Where love has gone ‘yung ganon. Pero I won there by about 100,000 ang majority ko. Bumaliktad siya eh.

Kaya walang — wala akong utang na loob. Maski anong sinasabihan, ibinubuga ko. Pag sinabi mo, p***** i** ka, mukha kang pera Gabby Lopez ka, ikaw Prieto p***** i** nabubuhay kayo sa influence peddling.

Tapos kung mag-editorial, mga editorial ninyo criticizing corruption, wrongdoing or anomalies and yet kayo, ito sabi ko, ito ‘yung mga oligarch. If you know her, tell her because talagang I will insist, it’s now in the court at sasabihin ko, do not force my hand into it. Kasi hindi talaga ako papayag na babuyin ninyo ang Pilipinas.

I am not promising you anything but it’s not about Constitution. It’s a piece of s*** to me. Iganon-ganon mo ako sa mukha ko. It’s all there. [raises his right hand] When I took my oath of office, I promised to God and to my countrymen that I will preserve and defend the Filipino people. Kaya the second promise was drugs. Kayong mga dreamers, mga libertarians forget it. Patay? There will be always patay.

I will not stop until the last drug lord is killed and the last pusher is out of the streets because if I just kill the drug lord, the producer of shabu, and there are runners there, there will always be someone tempted to cook shabu because it is brisk business.

Sabihin ng… Sabi nga ng simbahan, but Duterte is killing the — also the poor people. But, of course, to destroy shabu in this country, I have to destroy the apparatus. I have to kill who’s producing it and who is distributing it.

One minus the other cannot do. You are dreaming. Killing? Well I said to the policemen, go and hunt for them. And if it is possible, just arrest them. But if you are confronted violently, thereby placing your life in danger, then of course defend yourself and shoot the idiot.

That is an accepted principle all throughout the world among policemen. That is why — that is how they operate. You just don’t allow your policemen to sacrifice and commit suicide. So that’s the way it is.

My second promise: I will go after drugs. We now have four million addicts. P****** i** niyo. Four million addicts. Three million was during the time of General Santiago. The one million was during Bato’s time. He breached the million mark by having one something. So four million ‘yan.

Here’s the catch. American experts, the forensics says that, constant use of shabu for six months and one year will destroy the brain of a person because it will shrink the brain. And when the brain is shrank, what will I do with these Filipinos? And ang sikreto niyan ganito. Kaya ako — piskal ako eh. I’m a prosecutor. If you are drunk or out of your mind, when you kill a person, when you rape a child, which was very popular noon, ang bata nire-rape, pini-pick up lang, then destroy her body. Iyong mag-uwi diyan sa mga barangay-barangay, waylaid and dragged into a corner and raped and dies. Ganon ang shabu.

And if you are not in your right mind, not in complete control of your mental faculties, kung buang ka, we cannot proceed against you criminally. Buang man ‘yan. Tanungin mo ang pangalan niya, what’s your name. Ah, nagsakay ako ng eroplano. Bangag na. Mag-akyat ng mga bahay, magnakaw, magpatay ng lahat, galing sa nanay, pati ‘yung mga anak na babae abusuhin tapos patayin. Those were the days.

Kaya delikado. And when you are… Bring him to court. Tanungin mo, ‘At the time that you committed the crime, doctor, do you think that he was in his right mind?’ The doctor said, ‘no, he was talking about hell, he was talking about the guardian angel ordering killing his mother’.

So you cannot charge a person who is out of his mind. Ngayon ‘pag dito he may have been in his complete faculties, but at the time of the trial, because of continuous his use of shabu, he’s brought to trial.

If I were the defense counsel, I will just ask: ‘Your honor, may we have a preliminary hearing?’ ‘Why?’ ‘Just to determine whether or not my client can be prosecuted.’

And after so many question, the doctor would always say the right thing, the truth. ‘No, he’s not. He’s bangag.’ So he cannot be prosecuted. Now if you review, take steps behind, if you review the last five years, 77,000 drug-related deaths.

Sinong… Who will pay for this? 77,000 patay. Now, they’re complaining about 10,000 dead. Make it 50, make it 100. Papatayin talaga kita. You know, if I will not kill you, you will add to these statistics and yet you do not go to prison because you are insane. Sinong managot dito ngayon? Who answers to this 77,000?

Now, it’s my time to administer the affairs of the country. I will not add anything to that 77,000 needless and useless deaths. I will kill you. When I was Mayor of Davao City, do not destroy my city. We need to progress because I have 1. — 1.9 million. I have to build schools, pay the teachers, pay the police, make it clean, buy the medicines. And if Davao shrinks just like the years behind me, how do we survive?

So do not, I said, do not f*** with my country. I will kill you. Do not destroy the young people of this country because they are our only assets. We are not millionaires all of us. I don’t think there’s one here.

When we are sick, dying, old, who pays for the hospitalization? Who mortages their land, their acquired property just to buy your — ? Who will bury you? Who will pay for the cemetery? Iyan ang nagka-problema diyan sa droga, hindi kami nagkakaintindihan ng human rights pati itong libertarians.

Just like Obama. Obama was a libertarian. But deep inside in the recesses of his mind, he was already suffering from a deep inferiority complex. I don’t know why. It shows in his language.

Look what happened. It’s almost a disaster. He started everything now it’s getting out of hand because Trump is also something out of the blue. But all of these things here prolong by… And he was talking as if, he was only delivering sermons and the mental structure was so many policies thereabout left — about the leftist principles of governance.

Something must terribly wrong with… And even to chastise me. That prompted me to say you know, stop talking to me, reprimanding me as if… When I was mayor I was already at the receiving end. But when I’m President, do not just reprimand me publicly. If you have a complaint, you go to the United Nations. You file your complaint there and let the United Nations, Human Rights Commission investigate me. When the report is there, then you begin to talk.

And America has this habit of saying either you stop this because you won’t have the aid, we will stop your assistance. So I said, Mr. Obama, go to hell, son of a b****.

Why are you picturing as if you are throwing assistance there and leashing us in a post and make sure enough that we cannot take a bite what you are.

There’s an idiom there, it’s a Visayan idiom or cliché. Hindi kami patay gutom. Ibig sabihin, we will not die of hunger without you. Keep on repeating, the State Department about aid cut — cutting of aid. So I got pissed off. So what do I do?

And I was surprised because as bananas which made Davao rich. Nobody was buying our bananas, our pineapple. So I had to take a trip to China. And I have to ask President Xi Jinping, ‘President what’s wrong with our products? It was of good quality before but why are you rejecting it now?’ We cannot… ‘You do not want to import it, the pineapple?’

And he said, ‘No, it’s not. But it’s about you always dovetailing the foreign policy of America.’ Sabi ko, ‘There’s no problem. I will separate.’ Now we are back, 100 percent of our banana exports is back. We lack about 70 percent because they stopped planting pineapple when there was no market, no export to China.

Now that they are back of buying again, we are having a shortfall. Tayo ang walang supply so we are doing overtime. And China said, ‘we will buy everything.’

You know half of China is frigid the whole day, even on summer day. They need to — about five billion people need to eat. So that’s the reality of it. That’s the history and my personal crusade.

Corruption must stop. Drug must stop even for five years only. There will be a lessening but you can be very sure that every centavo of your money will go for the benefit of the people of the Philippines.

Sigurado ‘yan. I assure you, as the sun will rise in the east, corruption will stop. I will not allow it. I have already fired one Cabinet member [applause] and one close friend of mine I said who was with me since 1988 when I became Mayor.

The Cabinet member… I am not used to humiliating people but I really got pissed because he was lying. Nandiyan man si ma’am, She is the DSWD… She was there. So nakita talaga ‘nong, nabasa ko ‘yung report. Tapos ‘yung report niya galing sa legal officer niya mismo. At sabi ko bakit pumunta doon to sign, to buy it fire truck worth 18 million? P****** i**, anong klaseng sunog ‘yan? We’ll buy it at 7, 8. That’s the running price now over a fire truck made in Japan. This guy has to go to sign despite the fact that the opinion of his lawyer, the legal officer of his office, says do not differ. He went to sign and when I asked him during the Cabinet meeting, I said, ‘did you not read the…’ And he said, ‘No, I was not furnished a —‘ Gusto kong sampalin eh kaya lang nandiyan man sila ma’am. Sabi ko lang, ‘You’re fired. Go out of this office. I don’t need you.’

So that is the price that you have to pay. I am hell-bent in stopping corruption and drugs. And whether or not I succeed remains to be seen.

But kung sabihin niyo that there will be no killings at all because of human rights? Tell your story to somebody else because drugs will destroy our nation. Four million na ngayon. Ilan pa ang madagdag? Another two? Or if you have a President who is a son of a b****, another four, another four, in 10 years’ time, you’ll have a nation of parang walking dead.

You saw it. It was only when I was President. I knew that it was a serious problem in Davao also. Pero buti’t na lang sila, Davao has learned it the hard way. Do not because I will kill you. I will really kill you. No doubt about it.

Ngayon ang bayan ko, ang Pilipinas, eh ako ‘yung Presidente. I am supposed to protect you and your children. They keep on selling drugs there just like in other places. America is one hell of a place. Drugs is also… That’s why Obama kept on reprimanding me. But there is a tape of that because I made it public.

When President Trump won, I called him as part of committee, ‘yung courteous even if you are liked or you are disliked so I said, ‘Mr. President Trump, this is President Duterte. I would like to congratulate you on your victory.’
‘Oh yes, I am expecting your call. And do not worry. Thank you but if you are in Washington, give me a call and we’ll have coffee. Or if you are in New York. And besides, you are doing it right.’ And he said, ‘This goddamn son of a— there in the corner — ’ He named the country. I will not name the country. ‘They are pouring drugs there everyday so it makes Americans crazy. You are doing it right.’

So which is really the best advice? The libertarian Obama o Trump? Of course, I agree with Trump because he agrees with me. [laughter] That’s the…

The third is criminality must stop and the abuses. The abuses against the military and civilians and police against civilians has to stop. I do not want oppression.

Maybe if you better… Even in the Customs, there will be no opening of bags. You are just waved through. Anyway, when the cargo and the luggages are deplaned, it goes down to a bodega where there is a scanner. X-ray na… So when they go up to a sort of an escalator conveyor, they already passed the… So if there is shabu or there is a gun, you should be able to discern it while it is there because it passes a big camera.

So when it’s done there lalo na ‘yung OFW. Kami mga congressman, mayor, we are waved by may salute pa even with a train of luggages. Here comes the OFW. Ako may isa akong insidente galing ako Hong Kong. Hindi na nakabalot kasi maliit lang eh, dala-dala niya para sa — and we were late because I was waiting for this guy. Hanggang sa pinapahirapan niya, tinuturo niya doon sa kahero. Hindi siguro sila nagkaintindihan kung magkano, sinabi ko sa kanya, ‘Brod, bakit hindi mo pagbigyan, ang liit-liit niyan? Kami kanina, sabi ng Customs…’ ‘Ah bakit sino ka ba?’ Sabi ko, ‘P****** i** mo sipain kita ngayon diyan.’ ‘Sino ka?’ Sabi ko, ‘Bakit sinuka mo ako? Ikaw ang isusuka ko.’ Sabi ko, ‘Si Mayor Duterte ako ng Davao.’ Kaya ngayon wala na.

You go abroad, come in, there’s no opening of the bags. No more. I don’t allow it. I don’t allow anybody to touch the bags. Leave it to the Intelligence and the operations guys there because they would know if there is something abrewing.

But for those there in the… Alam mo, ito… Before I — it’s 8 o’clock. Si Erap, naghihintay na ‘yung buang. Birthday niya ngayon eh [laughter and applause]

Sabi niya, ‘Punta ka talaga ha kasi…?’ Tapos noon sabi niya, ‘Wala ‘yan si Duterte. Ano ‘yan, low class lang ‘yan. Ano ‘yang style niya pag ka ano..’ Ngayon, t*** i** ibalik kita sa kulungan. [laughter and applause]

Ano namang makita mo sa akin? If you find, if you want to find fault? Money? It will take you forever. Women? They’re all — matanda na sila. Pinatawad ko na sila. Sabi ko, wala na. so wala. I sleep early. After eating, I sleep, listen to the news.

Pero ito ba. Alam mo ba kung bakit hanggang ngayon, ano tayo? Because the Filipino, takot sa mga pulis pati military pati mga Customs, BIR. Kailangan mo pa magdala sa Customs, magbayad ka pa. Because you are not assertive of your rights.

Look at the Americans. You just cannot f*** with them. They will shout at you. ‘What’s happening? What’s wrong with my bag?’ Kaya kayo dapat pag magpunta ‘yang mga BIR and you have paid and it is the correct amount, you s*** him. You are at the airport or — you create a scandal because it would reach me and I will call him and I guarantee you. I’ll slap him twice in your presence. One for me and one for you. [laughter] Totoo.

It’s not a novel idea. I do it in Davao City for almost 23 years and everybody behaves. So all you have to do is to be assertive. If you ask more than what you are required to pay, tell them: ‘You better shut up or I’ll slap you.’ And when he begins to heat up, ‘Okay you wait. I’ll call President Duterte.’

And I have opened the television, PTV 4. After the news there’s a one-hour blank there. Because it says — you can text there. In this office, I followed up the papers and I was asked for the official. You name them. You need not give your name but you name the official because I read it everyday and then I said, ‘Call the guy.’

And if I am not satisfied, either you resign or I’ll file charges against you. Or better still, if you want I’ve been doing it, I’ll throw you over the Pasig River. It’s just my… I’ll tie your hands and feet and just drop you there.

Alam mo ang Pilipino ‘pag hindi mo ganonin. ‘Pag makiusap na, ‘I’d like to ask our countrymen to behave and let’s work together.’ P***** i**. Hmm. [laughter] Ako bolahin mo? F*** you. [laughter] Hindi mo ako madala ng istorya-istorya ng ganon. I said, remember, I am not a… I was not rear and I was not nurtured in this kind of ambiance sa Maynila na maraming mayaman. I do not come from an exclusive village. I am just trying hard just to… My worry is really my oath of office.

And they said, ‘Duterte will declare martial law.’ Martial law? ‘Declare the writ of habeas corpus.’ I will not do that. I have this compressed to a simple phrase. It is, my duty is to protect the Filipino nation. My term begins and ends with public service. Nothing behind, nothing more than… It’s there, and I will do it.

And I said in the Abu Sayyaf, because there is an ASEAN meeting now. And they went there maybe to kidnap. It’s a long drive actually. And I told the Navy if you see them, the boat, blast them off.
Do not give me prisoners. I don’t need them. If there’s a fight and they surrender, you refuse, you decline the offer of surrender. Let’s continue fighting eventually they will run out of bullets. I have plenty of soldiers to spare. I have a stock of… I have acquired. Meron na tayo, We have a…

ABS-CBN ka? [laughter] I have… I will be… Before I go, we will have about 16 F-50 jets. I’m using them. They’re not supposed to be used during rebellion cases because of the …But I said use them. And we have been using them. We are bombing… Either you stop. I’ve told the Mindanaoans here. You from Mindanao. Because they are now putting IEDs —improvised explosive devices—that’s what it means. Pati ‘yung mga eskuwelahan, Marawi, state university there was a grenade, in the Zamboanga High School. And sinabi ko sa kanila, do not force my hand into it. I do not like it, believe me.

Do not force me to declare martial law because if I declare martial law for the Mindanao island, then I will finish everything. Not only the insurgency or the rebellion but every problem that has to be solved there. I will finish everything. I will solve all the problems for you. And it will really be harsh for everybody. And if I have to kill, I will not hesitate to do it. That’s why I said, do not kill the young people. Do not place explosives in classrooms. It’s totally unacceptable to me.

You do it on a daily basis, then you invite me to… ‘Pag ako ang nag-martial law sa Mindanao. Tapos ang lahat. Lahat ng problema pati rebellion, lahat na. Lahat na kung anong makita ko gagawin ko. Illegal mining, no, I’ll just place you behind bars and I do not give a damn of what they say.

Maraming illegal e. Illegal fishing, mining, everything. Spoiling our environment. Lahat tatapusin ko ‘yan. I said not only… Kaya sabi ko do not overdo things because you will force my hand into it and it will make you sad, very sad.

And so ladies and gentlemen I would like to thank everybody for listening to a storytelling. I was not making a speech. I know that — but by your silence because nobody was talking. You would know that you are already a bore because the guys at the back would…And you can hear, there’s a noise already. It means to say that it should stop.

But this… I consider this a privilege to give me — to talk to you because from here on you would know how to spin the story of our history. But you can place it in a proper perspective right away. That this is the situation… And I mean, I studied in Ateneo so was my brother and I graduated from a Catholic school, San Beda. So holy kami, ako holy talaga ako. Sumobra lang ‘yung pari. T**** i**, akala mo wala silang kasalanan, ganun, ganun. They don’t really use the confessional box. Pull a chair, ‘sige, come sit here. So what’s your sin?’ Then you begin to… Is it venial or mortal sin? Mortal sin…Venial, purgatory ‘yon.

‘Tell me.’ ‘I went to the room of the helpers.’ ‘Oh why did you go there?’ ‘I lifted the blanket and I wanted to see what’s inside.’ ‘And you lifted?’ ‘Nothing else?’ ‘I went out, father.’ ‘Then?’ He would start to fondle you. ‘What else?’ ‘I went back to the room, father, I lifted the blanket higher.’ ‘And?’ ‘I went to the bathroom after.’ ‘Oh what did you do there?’ ‘Ah…ah…’ ‘You?’ ‘Yes.’ ‘You do it every night?’ ‘Almost every night, father.’ Lahat naman eh. Pare-pareho. Hinahawakan kami. Look into that Internet.

Father Falvey. They are brothers. They are both sued. Pari sila sa Society of — sa Jesuits. Tingnan mo sa ano. Both of them were charged. And wala naman sila patay na. But we the students of… He passed I don’t know if he stayed long in Zamboanga and Cagayan. There were Jesuits there. Ateneo, Zamboanga, Cagayan, pati Davao.

It’s good to show to the public. And this endless debate about heaven and earth. Kaya ayaw kong gusto iyang sa Katoliko. You know when you talk about a religion and you threaten more children going to hell and picturing it as a place where everybody is burning, that’s not religion. That’s coercion. And that is what drove the nomads in the desert before. They can think of is how do we convert this guy and how do we make him follow?

Hell. There is no such thing as hell. Hell is here. I said we have about… They say that Earth is 500 — 5 billion years old. So at what time did Jesus Christ really come down to save me? How about the last 400 billion nothing happened to their lives because there was no God? Iyong mga ganon. I do not agree.

You know, I run because I decided to run. I didn’t have the money until the last minute. When my rating was hitting 34, that’s the time that the money came in. Most of the time, I rent a Cessna model 1984. Nagko-conk out once we lost its brake. Mabuti sa Davao walang brake, diretso-diretso na doon sa tubig. Because I have no money, I only rent and I was able to rent the cheaper ones. But I said I won, was it really a prize? I don’t know. The plane every now and then conks. Going to Samar it conked out, the transponder.

So that is my… It’s not a sad story actually. It’s a story about a guy who really — who is looking for trouble when there was none.

I was supposed to retire. Ang problem my daughter would not run for mayor. Kung hindi siya tumakbo ng mayor hindi talaga ako mag-presidente. Until my last term then, pa-retire na ako. But at the last… She was the one who wrote me publicly not to run because I will just be used by, you know, politicians.

But when she said, ‘you run’ and she agreed to. You know what? We took our oath of office June 30. It’s in the Malacañan office. If you happened to go to Malacañan doon, ang g***** resigned after. July 1 nag-submit ng resignation. Talagang g*****. You know my daughter? The one who mauled the sheriff. Iyong binugbog niya yung sheriff na ganon ‘yung babae na iyan. But kung wala na kayong makuha na ibang presidente, iyan ang kunin ninyo. Patay lahat. Ubos iyan. Noon drug pusher lang baka pati botika owner diyan patay na. [laughter] Ibang klaseng ang babae na ‘yan.

So I leave with the sense of gratitude that you kept with me all the time to listen to story. That is good an example of how things are in the Philippines.

We are run by oligarchs. Iyong walang capital. Like Ongpin. Ongpin has been alive since Marcos. Anong capital ng p***** niya? Impluwensiya. So every time who was there, he would just go since he is a friend. Kasi liberal lang pati ano. Dito buko sila. Nasira sila. Hindi sila makalapit sa akin.

And I don’t allow people na…. Kung kayo pa ordinaryo ah oo. But dinner there is simple. I am not joking. No more steak. It’s one viand, one soup. Ayon o tanungin mo si ma’am.

Sa Cabinet meeting, our dinner is one soup, one viand and piece of rice. Iyan lang. I can invite you but you have to — I do not know if it’s to your liking ang mga ulam. Because I do not throw parties there because it’s not our money. Iba ‘yan kung pera ng… Inyo ‘yon eh. Mahirap na lalo na kung hindi kayo kasali sa kainan.

So salamat po at congratulations. [applause]