Statement and Press Conference of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte Prior to his Departure for Cambodia, Hong Kong, and China
Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 2
10 May 2017

His Excellency Tuot Panha, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Cambodia to the Philippines, good afternoon, Your Excellency; Secretary Mark Villar and members of the Cabinet present; Eduardo Año, General and the Chief of Staff and incoming — ewan ko kung tatanggapin ba niya; local government officials present here; fellow workers in government; my beloved countrymen.

I leave today for a series of official visits to Cambodia and China and a working visit to Hong Kong.

In Phnom Penh, I will attend the World Economic Forum on ASEAN. As chair of the ASEAN 2017, I am honored to join my fellow ASEAN leaders in articulating the interests of the 630 million ASEAN citizens in this Forum.

Also at the Forum will be Prime Minister Hun Sen of Cambodia, the Prime Minister of Viet Nam, and the Prime Minister of Laos. 

Together we will be able to highlight accomplishments and developments of the 30th ASEAN Summit in Manila.

We will have the opportunity to engage the larger region to discuss the common vision for Southeast Asia and our peoples. We will share our perspectives on what still needs to be done and how we are going to achieve them as united ASEAN region.

We will underscore how governments, in partnership with the private sector, CEOs, international organizations, and members of the academe can work together to achieve shared goals for our peoples and our region.

We shall seek to facilitate greater collaboration between governments and private entities to bring another 50 years of greater peace, progress and prosperity for ASEAN.

I will highlight our “Build, Build, Build” program as a platform for  public-private partnership for positive change.

As I have said before, our OFWs are our key partners in national development. I will meet them in Hong Kong to let them know – like I let you know – what your government is doing for you and what you can do to become even more productive partners for positive change in our country.

Upon the invitation of Chinese President Xi Jinping, I will participate in the Belt and Road Program for International Cooperation in Beijing.

In this forum, we will explore opportunities for supporting infrastructure development, trade and economic cooperation, energy development, financial cooperation, eco-environment initiatives, and people-to-people exchanges.

We will use this forum to advance Philippine development goals.

I will work to build greater mutual interest and confidence in the region with the Chinese and with the Mongolian Prime Minister.

My meetings with Chinese officials will focus on a review of political-security developments, economic, cultural, and people-to-people relations. We will discuss recent exchanges between the Philippines and China and updates on economic cooperation since my State Visit to China in October of 2016.

Meanwhile, my meeting with the Mongolian Prime Minister will focus on a review of bilateral relations, particularly on enhancing economic cooperation and high-level exchanges.

I am eager to engage my counterparts to establish stronger ties of amity with other countries in the Asia Pacific. In my engagements, I shall observe and expect full respect for sovereign equality. Only by doing so will we be able to advance our national interests and collectively push with our partners efforts for sustained growth, security and stability in the region.

Upon my return, I will immediately apprise you of developments.

Daghang salamat sa inyong tanan. [applause]


PRESIDENT DUTERTE: I can take a few questions. Maybe until about 5:30. Ang haba-haba magtanong nitong mga ‘to eh. Who’s the first?

CHONA YU (Inquirer Radio): Hi, sir, good afternoon.


Ms. Yu: Just I would like to get your thoughts on the acquittal of Janet Lim-Napoles. As a prosecutor, what is the implication of her acquittal on the — on her pork barrel scam?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Hindi kita makuha dahil sa acoustics…

Ms. Yu: Okay, sir, just I would like to get your thoughts on the acquittal of Janet Lim-Napoles. As a prosecutor, what is the implication of her acquittal on her pork barrel scam cases?


Ms. Yu: Janet Lim-Napoles, sir. She’s acquitted po.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: She remains in prison actually. What she got off was an acquittal on the illegal detention.

Maski ako talaga, as a former prosecutor, I cannot think of how a person could be a victim of being hostage when he had all the while all the opportunity to go out and never come back, and he was allowed to go home.

It was I think — no offense intended — sadya na ano, sadyang nagpa-preso. It’s because as you say, we were all spectators to the development and even the revelations with the nuns and in the apartment she was or he was… She or he? Or he? He was confined.

There were several instances that had he really wanted to be free he could have done it in several instances. Ako iyan lang akin as a student of [what’s this?] social environment.

Kung gamitin ko ‘yung pagka-piskal ko hindi ko talaga i-file ‘yon. It’s crazy. In and out, in and out and several times he was left alone. But Napoles is facing charges many times over and that ‘yung plunder niya.

As to the question of whether or not she could be utilized as a state witness, there’s a law which says that one of the requirements at least she appears to be the least guilty. If you are a major player, I don’t know if you can do it.

You can be… The court maybe will… It’s up to the judge. It is the judge, the prosecutor who would make the [prayer?] by motion and the judge will decide. And marami kasi.

There is no other witness to prove your case, that’s one. Second is that the proposed witness must appear to be the least guilty.

So if you are asking for an expanded explanation it’s just that she appears to be the minimal player not the major player in the commission of the crime.

Ms. Yu: Kayo, sir, as a prosecutor, do you see her as the least guilty?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: No, it is pending in court. We lawyers are always advised never to comment because — lalo na ako President — I will be liable for contempt.

And I might be arrested and I am busy now with my job, dispense money for the Filipinos. And I do not want to go to prison upon my return, unless you are ready to liberate me.

Ms. Yu: Sir, last question. There are speculations that there is a “sweetheart deal” between the government and Napoles. And then you have appointed Lanee David as BIR deputy commissioner, one of her lawyers. Is there such…

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: You know you must understand lawyering as we understand you whatever you publish and say. Trabaho lang po ‘yan. We have to earn our keep.

As a lawyer, when we accept a case, the only promise there is that we will do our best. But we will not corrupt the truth. That is the line that we have to be conscious of.

Ms. Yu: Thank you, sir.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Lawyering, ma’am, wala ‘yan.


Ina Andolong (CNN Philippines): Hi, sir. 


Ms. Andolong: Sir, the one year appointment ban for the losing candidates in 2016 has already expired. Are you looking at appointing any of them now? 

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Well, I just [pondered?] in one day, parang ganun. I was thinking of many guys, but I remembered General Cimatu who served Davao in the years when I was a congressman.

He is a good officer, a true soldier and I impressed with his industry. Kaya nung naghanap ako ng tao I reappointed him to be the special envoy to take care the evacuation of Filipinos in the Middle East.

And I remembered him to be a truly a worker. He is a soldier. He will remain loyal to his oath. I can assure you that everything would be all right and the DENR is in safe hands. 

Ms. Andolong: Sir, but are you looking at possible appointees from the pool of losing candidates in the 2016 elections. Can you give us names if any that you are considering? 

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Wala na, puno na eh. Right after the elections, you have to face the reality of utang na loob. So ilagay mo ‘yan sila doon. But for the key positions, hindi kasali ‘yan.

So the guy that must be appointed in that position must measure — must measure to the requirements of the public office. Hindi ‘yan pwede na basta-basta lang.

Makita mo naman they were not really at the scene of the crime, I mean, during the campaign, wala na ito sila. Except that they were there and I knew them as friends and I believe in their integrity. 

Ms. Andolong: Sir, just to clarify, si Mr. Cuy sa DILG and Mr. Manalo in DFA are these appointments na kino-consider niyo as OICs only po ba sila or will they be appointed in permanent capacities?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: You really want to know who’s the next?

Ms. Andolong: I’m asking, sir. 

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Nasaan ba si? May I call upon the Chief of Staff? General Año can you be… Can you come forward and be counted as one of the Filipinos. Sir, tinatanong ka kasi makulit ‘yan si…

You are now facing the next DILG Secretary. [applause] 

Ms. Andolong: Okay.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Kailangan ko kasi I have a problem with the police. And a military man halos pare-pareho lang ‘yan ng… Except that the police can really… Mahirap ang pulis ngayon, I was reading coming here another spot report of four policemen again kidnapping a…

P**** i** talaga itong mga pulis na ‘to. So you need one, somebody, who knows the police by the fingertips of his hand. Kailangan ’yan, eh puro ano lang ‘yan.

And then we have a problem with terrorism. In the coming… What looms very big ahead is the IS. They are coming in bakbakan tayo sa Mindanao ngayon.

As a matter of fact, I’ve been using the [FA-50] jets on bombing runs. And I’d like you to know, that itong droga wala itong katapusan and if somebody there with the bleeding hearts.

Drug is fueling the terrorism in the South. That’s why we have — see a — a lot of promising drug lords there again.

And Visayas is becoming… Doon pa-landing eh. Kasi ang… Kung mag-kidnap pa sila, it’s a burden. They have to — it’s like a bagahe. Karga-karga pa nila ‘yung victim nila. But ang droga…

And they know that ang Pilipino gago, some but not all. Maski alam nilang masisira sila, kakatok sila, may pumunta pa dito na doctor… Umalis na ba? Ang buang na… Black na…

Sinabi niya ang shabu hindi daw makasira sa ulo. Kaya pala pumunta dito ‘yung p***** i**** ‘yon, sira na ang ulo at mag-a-announce dito.

I was just listening to one of the stations and I hear the idiot, another idiot in this planet. Imagine saying that shabu cannot harm a person. Eh samantalang pagpapatayin mo nanay mo pati tatay mo dahil ‘yung guardian angel nagbubulong sa iyo na…

So he’s retiring. I think he’s really by May, June… June ka ‘no? [refers to General Año]. So puro military halos, si Roy pati siya.

May isang bakante pa, madagdagan ko pa ng isang military, kumpleto na ‘yung junta natin. Hindi na sila kailangan mag-coup d’état eh nandiyan na kayo, kayo na. Ako, pagod na ako.

You know guys, you might think that I enjoy travel, jetting ano in and out. When you are old at saka estudyante pa kami, talagang… Ayan si Susan ‘yan ang tiga abang sa amin diyan sa domestic noon.

When I was a Congressman I had to go home… I hate to travel because it makes me dull already. Even a few hours tinatamaan na ako ng jet lag.

Would you believe it at one time, we were talking sa bilateral, I think it was in… [Where was that, sir?] For the first time in my life na kaharap ko ‘yung Prime Minister, nakatulog ako.

Ginising ako ni Yasay, “Mr. President.” Sabi ko, “I was just thinking aloud.”[laughs] Hindi ko na talaga kaya. That’s why I brought my family to tide me over.

It’s about time that… If you can shorten my term to three years, talagang okay sa akin. Totoo. They might decide to junta na lang muna, kasi maraming t*******. Eh ‘di patinuin na muna nila ang Pilipinas.

But I assure you that, just let me announce, ‘yung mga oligarchs and they are known, thereabout, kagaya ng Inquirer, ng Dunkin’ Donuts, siya ang may-ari. Nakakuha sila ng propedad for 25 years. It was renewed for another 25 years, and they have a tax liability of one billion five hundred, walang bayad-bayad lang.

When you are editorialized, you are pictured to be the number robber of this country. When

as matter of fact, it is really ito who are privileged by family connection and political idiotic patronage.

That is…That has long been gone sa… I will recover and I am appealing to all Filipino, the oligarchs — talagang sisirain ko kayo.

Return the property of the people and pay your taxes because I need it to build houses. Eh ‘yon ngang housing ng police inagaw pa ng Kadamay, sabi ko I called them, sabi ko, sabi ko “Huwag na kayong mag…” “Do not… Just shut up. I’ll just build you another one”.

And we will continue to — whatever little money that we can have. Sigurado ninyo… Corruption is wala na. Hindi talaga ako papayag, hindi talaga ako papayag.

Mag-away na mag-away kami. If I have to terminate everybody, I will terminate everybody, anytime.

You look outside it’s about 105 million Filipinos. Marami ‘yang… Kayong mga pulis l**** kayo. Marami diyan naghahanap ng trabaho.

There are a lot of criminality graduates —ay criminality [laughs] — ano ito Criminology? — waiting to be employed.

I will not hesitate to fire you all. Papasukin ko ‘yung mga bago na gustong makatrabaho and those who want to serve.

This time we should… It’s all Filipino. My endeavor is all Filipino. Ako mismo President I do not accept my allowances. Sweldo ko lang.

I do not sign any voucher giving me an allowance of—sweldo ko lang. Kaya huwag kayong humingi sa akin kay pareho lang tayo. Maghanap kayo nang iba na may pera.

So that’s my… Anything else?

Ms. Andolong:  Sir, you mentioned there’s still… I’m sorry I have to go back to the appointments. Iyong DFA, sir, na lang po yata ang bakante. Baka po meron na rin kayong natitingnang pangalan. And I understand si General Año is supposed to retire in October. How soon do you want him to assume his post as DILG?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE:  I want him to complete because there are projects which he has to… No, at this time, you cannot just pull out somebody in the Armed Forces, especially those who tasked of programming what will happen next. And the remedies that we are supposed to be ready.

Dito sa DFA, I remember I signed an appointment just before I left my room and I saw the name of Senator Cayetano sa DFA.

Ms. Andolong: You signed it today, sir, before you left?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Yeah, ito — itong hapon lang na ‘to.

Ms. Andolong: Thank you, sir.


Catherine Valente (Manila Times): Good afternoon, Mr. President. I’m Catherine Valente from the Manila Times. Sir, we just like to know what’s your marching order to Acting Secretary of Environment Mr. Roy Cimatu particularly po on the issue of mining?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE:  You know in a meetin… I was already having a Cabinet meeting and I remembered Cimatu was there in front me. And also I remembered na de facto lang siya.

So I cut the meeting because I… Sabi ko, “With you indulgence…” Sabi ko, “Magtindig muna tayong lahat and sabi ko may CAFGU dito sa kwarto natin, hindi ito regular. He’s just a CAFGU.” Nagtingin sila, “Sino?”  “Eh Roy Cimatu.” Walang namang rango ‘yan. Hindi pa na siya…

Sabi ko, “I-swear na natin.” And in the short response ang sinabi ko lang, “You know we have been friends. There will never be a time that I will call you for any favor for anybody. All that I ask of you is just to be true to yourself, to be true to your country and protect the environment. But remember there is a mining law and we cannot all together banish it.” 

Kasi may mining law. It has to be erased from the statute books. Otherwise, it has to be regulated and allowed. Iyan ang problema diyan.

We want stricter measures. But there’s the mining law, so what can we do? The law itself allows it. And if you just disregard it, that will be an impeachable offense.

Ms. Valente: Ah, sir, regarding former secretary Gina Lopez. Are you inclined to give her another government post?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Wala pa at this time. Wala pa. Naghahanap ako ng babae na madaldal. Tulungan mo ako maghanap ‘yung madaldal diyan sa inyo. The most talkative.

Rose Novenario (Hataw): Good afternoon, Mr. President.


Ms. Novenario: Sir, may Twitter post po si UN Special Rapporteur Agnes Callamard last week na ‘yon daw pong shabu ay hindi raw po nagdudulot ng bayolenteng reaksyon sa gumagamit nito. At ‘yung shabu raw po ay wala raw pong masamang epekto sa isip ng isang tao?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: She should go to a honeymoon with that black guy, the American. They should… I will pay for their travel.

They should be together and discuss between — silang dalawa. Kasi kung ang shabu mabuti, ma’am, kung ang shabu is really in consonance with their pronouncement, masiguro mo beginning tomorrow maglagay ako ng mga ano diyan, puno ng shabu ‘yan, diyan sa kanto. Kuha ka lang.

Tapos pagdating ng mga media, pag nakursunadahan mo sige report, eh ‘di patayin mo.

You know, kung makapabuti ‘yan sa Pilipino, maam, ibinigay ko na ‘yan sa totoo lang. Ako na mismo ang magpaluto ng — instead of pulbura sa Bulacan. Kung isabay ko sa pulbura, sa firecrackers, ipaluto ko shabu. Ako na ang maglagay diyan sa sari-sari, free. 

Ms. Novenario: Meron pa pong mga reports na si Ms. Callamard daw po ay may kaugnayan po sa American-Hungarian billionaire George Soros dahil po naging…

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: George Soros is really the owner of itong..

Ms. Novenario: Open Society Foundation.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Siya ‘yan. Ngayon itong projected ano nila, I will resist it, why?

They have prejudged shabu and announced — ewan ko kung scientific na it is not … It is not a virulent chemical. ‘Pag ka ganon, wala na tayong pag-usapan. Bakit mo ako idemanda diyan sa ICC kung kayo mismo anak ng p**** i**, sinasabi na ninyo na ‘yung shabu hindi nakakasira ng tao.

You have prejudged everything and you are referring to the core of the complaint against me. Why would I go there and hang myself?

Ms. Novenario: Sa pagpunta po ninyo sa Russia sa May 25 po hihilingin niyo po kay President Vladimir Putin na… Kung hihingi po ba kayo ng payo kung paano po niya ginawa ‘yung pag-ban ng Soros-funded NGOs sa kanilang bansa katulad din po ng ginawa sa Hungary ni Prime Minister Viktor Orban?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Yes, well, we are a little bit free willing and democracy dito eh. So it would look bad really para tuloy may tinatago ka.

Just let them in and let them have their time kagaya nung black doctor, o tignan mo ano ‘yung pinagsasabi ng u*** na hindi daw ano…

As a matter of fact, it’s an American forensic study that it shrinks the brain of a person. Hindi naman atin ‘yon eh.

And this guy disagrees with this government and begins to talk here. And the tragedy ika mo, I have not heard her, na ang shabu para sa kanila hindi —cannot affect the mind of the human being.

That’s all b****s*** to me. That is why I will not talk to them because my experience until now and 23 years ago when I became the Mayor of Davao City was always a lot of violence and killing because of shabu.

Tina Mendez (Philippine Star): Sir, good afternoon. I have two questions. First, we see si Madam Honeylet and Kitty are here. Magkakaroon po ba kayo ng R&R bonding time with your family?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Yes, because it’s vacation time and I said I find it hard to… I don’t know, I have some medications to take. I do not want these nurses na pulis na magpasok-pasok sa kwarto. Honeylet is nurse and she can very well take care of me.

I mean, I would rather have my wife giving the medications kasi, you know, ‘yung strangers, they go in and out.

Alam mo pala ‘pag Presidente ka, hourly ‘yan, kukunan ka ng BP maski wala kang sakit. Kukunan ka ng pulso kung… Tapos lagyan ka nung oxygenation meter. Para ka talagang nasa pasyente. Tapos isusulat nila ‘yan because they are required by law to do that.

Maski wala kang sakit hanapan ka ng sakit para mamatay ka. That is the idea there. Magkasawa ka. Kakasawa ka sa… It’s an extravagant attention just because you are President. Eh kung panahon mo na, panahon mo na talaga hindi na madala ‘yan ng blood pressure, blood pressure diyan. When it’s your time, it’s your time.

Ms. Mendez: Sir, on another note. The US Embassy issued another travel advisory to its citizens regarding reports na baka may kidnapping sa Palawan. Any assurance na…?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Well, we have spruced up  the place both physically and the strength of the security forces.

My… My order to the security forces is stalk, shoot them on sight. Patayin ninyo. Do not waste your bullet tapos we take care of them sa hospital. Expend your bullet to finish the problem because it is really a problem. It is a problem of security, law and order.

‘Pag nag-engkwentro kayo, patayin mo na. Marami tayong Pilipino. Next year, madagdagan ‘to.  Mga 125 — 125 million na tayo. We can always replenish the supply. Huwag kayong… Do not worry.

Joseph Morong (GMA-7): Hi, sir, para po sa inyo na manggaling ‘yung appointment — regarding the appointment of Ms. Mocha Uson.


Mr. Morong: Kay Mocha Uson, sir.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Ah oo si Mocha? Yeah.

Mr. Morong: Para sa inyo na po manggaling, sir. Whose idea was it and….?


Mr. Morong: Okay, sir.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Mine. Why? There’s nothing wrong with the woman or the girl. She’s bright. She’s articulate. And if it is just a matter of dancing, she was not dancing naked.

She was with me during the campaign. A little bit sexier than the others. But that does not prevent anybody to deprive her of the honors that she deserves. 

It’s a matter of intellect. Eh ‘yung pagsasayaw niya eh hanapbuhay ‘yan eh. That’s hanapbuhay. There’s no law which says that if you expose half of your body with a shorts and a bra, you are disqualified from being the President of the Philippines. There’s really no…

At utang na loob ko ‘yan sa kanila because they offered their services free at the time when wala akong pera because they believed in me. Now, it’s my time to believe in them.

And you can listen to her. You can debate with her. Tingnan mo ‘yung Facebook and she can have a very structured mind. So what’s the problem?

Mr. Morong. Sir, thank you for time and have a good flight, sir.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Every Filipino should deserve a chance wherever or whatever. Walang problema iyan sa akin.

Daghang salamat at ingat kayo ha.

There’s a committee to take care of you. It’s Attorney Quitain, Roy Cimatu and Justice Secretary Vit Aguirre.

They would be the caretaker sa gobyerno natin. Huwag kayong maano, there is Cimatu. He’s very good.