News Release

Statement of Presidential Communications Secretary and CORDSX Martin Andanar on the conferment of the UNEP Asia Environment Enforcement Award to Bureau of Customs’ District Customs Collector John Simon

We applaud Bureau of Customs’ Cagayan de Oro (BOC-CDO) District Customs Collector John Simon for being conferred the United Nations Environment Programme’s (UNEP) 2020 Asia Environment Enforcement Award.

Environmental degradation continues to be a pressing global issue, and Mr. Simon and the agency’s commitment to upending smuggling operations in the country, particularly of illegal waste, and upholding environmental justice in the Philippines is truly commendable.

Moreover, it reflects the overall sentiment and the policies of the Duterte administration in addressing the said issue. Mr. Simon and BOC-CDO’s dedication also contributes to the overall campaign of UNEP in promoting environmental justice.

As the Cabinet Officer for Regional Development and Security for Northern Mindanao (CORDSX), this outstanding recognition supports our whole-of-society programs in Region 10 for the advancement of its progress.

May Mr. Simon and the agency’s contribution to our nation, to the international community, and to our environment be an inspiration to us all to preserve, protect, and promote the welfare of our environment for generations to come. ###