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Bureau of Jail Management and Penology

BJMP renews contract to buy products from ARB organizations in Negros Occidental

The Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR) in Negros Occidental I (North) renewed its partnership with the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology (BJMP) in its mission to mitigate hunger and poverty in the province.

“Renewing our trust agreement is not just a bureaucratic formality. It is a re-affirmation of our shared values, our shared mission, and our shared responsibility to uplift those who are most vulnerable”, OIC-Provincial Agrarian Reform Program Officer II Teresita Mabunay said.

She said that it is a pledge to continue the fight, the work, and the journey until every person in the area, regardless of their circumstances, has access to nutritious food, economic opportunity, and a chance to prosper.

“For almost four (4) years now, the initiative has met its main objectives of putting food on the tables of persons deprived of liberty (PDLs) and bringing financial security for the agrarian reform beneficiaries,” said added.

The renewal of the marketing agreement between the DAR-Negros Occidental I, the BJMP, and the agrarian reform beneficiaries organizations (ARBOs) is being implemented under the Partnership Against Hunger and Poverty (PAHP) program, which started in the year 2020.

JSSupt Marie Rose Laguyo affirmed their pledge as she responded positively stating that BJMP will continue to be DAR’s partner in the implementation of the PAHP for as long as they can.

The Negros Occidental ARBOs will supply assorted vegetables and fruits, like eggplant, string beans, sayote, ampalaya, coconut, jackfruit, and papaya as well as poultry eggs, and dressed native chickens.

They will supply it in different BJMP jail systems in the province, namely: Sagay City district jail, Escalante City district jail, San Carlos City district jail, Metro-Bacolod district jail-male and female dorms and annex, Talisay City district jail, Silay City district jail–male and female dorms, Victorias City district jail and Cadiz City district jail.